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A totally new concept of health consultancy, right in the heart of Brussels

A wellness concept according to which Personal Training, Nutritional Consultancy and Manual Therapy services are complementary and interdependent methods aimed at improving your personal wellbeing and quality of life.

A team of professional and highly-qualified experts ready to disseminate a new “wellbeing culture”, starting from the basics of good daily habits.




Our western world today is increasingly condemning people to a restrictive and unhealthy lifestyle: physical inactivity and poor nutritional habits are two of the leading causes of a wide range of diseases, from muscular skeletal disorders to diabetes and obesity. Furthermore, in today’s workplace too many people have become accustomed to being sedentary for several hours a day, with the inevitable result being an alarming increase in the number of pathologies linked to poor posture and immobility Read more



Taking care of people’s health is a complex but fascinating job. “Doing some sport” or “following a diet” does not always imply being healthy. Although it is true that any movement is better than none at all and eating moderately is better than eating too much, there is mounting evidence that these minor efforts are not effective enough in the longer term Read more

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