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Personal Training

A personalized training program for an undisputed protagonist: you. Reaching your goals means defining them and planning carefully the optimal approach to their achievement. This will be much easier and more effective working in collaboration with a personal coach. Here is a short list of the most common goals we help our clients to achieve Read more

Small Group Functional Training

Share your Functional Training sessions with your friends, your partner or some nice new people and take advantage not only of the constant attention of a coach, but also financial savings and increased levels of fun and team spirit! The small number of attendees per class (2 to 4) allows the coach to maintain the focus on the individual goals of each of them, proposing personalized variations to the group workout where necessary.

Postural Analysis

Nowadays poor posture is a serious problem which affects a large percentage of the western population. The most common causes of this are long periods of time spent in a sitting position, faulty movement patterns and low physical condition. Our Postural Analysis allows us to identify postural anomalies and weaknesses in order to create an effective and coherent training program or to choose the most appropriate manual treatment.

Osteopathy and Sport Massage

Recovering from muscular strain and body dysfunctions will be made swifter and easier thanks to a manual therapy treatment. Relaxing and Sport Massages, such as osteopathic manipulations, are excellent solutions not only for athletes and amateur sport practitioners, but also for less sporty people who simply suffer from backache or other Musculoskeletal Disorders.

Nutrition Consultancy

As mentioned above, this concerns more than just weight loss, it provides a whole re-education towards eating patterns. Our qualified nutritionist is at your disposal to assess and readapt your daily nutritional habits in order to improve your health and restore your ideal body composition. The percentages of fat mass, muscles and water in your body will be measured by Bioelectrical Impedanciometry, an accurate and scientific method used by the most reputable nutritionists.

Corporate Training

As time goes by, more and more companies realize that high priority should be given to taking care of employees’ health for several reasons. Some recent studies prove that each $1 spent on wellness corporate programs see a drop of medical costs by about $3.27, while absenteeism costs fall by about $2.73. Our interactive workshops offer a mix of theory and practice and provide effective tools to immediately improve the quality of everyday life.Read more

Seminars and Workshops

Monthly get-togethers to present and discuss health-related topics such as wellness, movement, posture, nutritional education. A great opportunity to pick up useful tips and advice and meet new people. Take a look at the “Events” section to discover more about your next appointment with our health education team!