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Corporate Wellness

As time goes by, more and more companies realize that high priority should be given to taking care of employees’ health for several reasons. Some recent studies prove that:

  • Each $1 spent on wellness corporate programs see a drop of medical costs by about $3.27, while absenteeism costs fall by about $2.73 *
  • Employers with highly effective health and productivity programs:       

                 - generate 20% more revenue per employee

                 - realize a 16.1% higher market value

                 - deliver 57% higher shareholder return **

Furthermore, scientific evidence shows how bad postural habits can cause a significant lack of creativity, as well as professional dissatisfaction and loss of motivation.


WHY LTeducation 

Every workplace can be transformed into a healthy environment, thanks to effective tools and practical advice provided by our consultants. This will result in  benefits  such  as  increasing  productivity, wellbeing and  sense of  belonging of the staff, as well as reducing absenteeism.

We believe that good health is mostly a life choice and individual responsibility plays a huge role in preserving it. Our Wellness Program wants to be a worthwhile educational service designed to support people in making the right choice. 

Our mission is to light up curiosity about how the human body works: ergonomics is merely a palliative if applied without the appropriate level of awareness.



LTeducation innovative approach provides a highly professional experience, but also amusement and good vibes: a real breakthrough in each participant’s life.

Our interactive workshops offer a mix of theory and practice and provide effective tools to immediately improve the quality of everyday life. Our events are not meant to be just a “one shot seminar”, but rather occasions to embrace a new Wellnesss Culture  which will result in concrete benefits on the long term.

A rich catalogue of educational modules about several subjects allow us to offer a tailored program, duration and schedule will be discussed according to the specific needs of the company:

  • Interactive workshops at your company (duration of 2 hours, half day or full day)
  • Outdoor Team Building sessions
  • Periodical follow up 
  • Functional Training classes
  • Postural analysis 


Postural Analysis, periodical Follow Up, Functional Training at the workplace are further services we provide.



Our workshops can take place in the company premises, in Belgium or in the rest of Europe as well, or in our headquarters in the heart of Brussels.



* "Workplace wellness programs can generate savings" - Beicker, Cutler, Song - Health Affairs, 2010

**  Willis Tower Watson 2015/2016 Staying@Work Survey  


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