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Personal Training

A personalized training program for an undisputed protagonist: you. Reaching your goals means defining them and planning carefully the optimal approach to their achievement. This will be much easier and more effective working in collaboration with a personal coach. Here is a short list of the most common goals we help our clients to achieve:

  • Improvements in health and posture
  • Back pain prevention
  • Functional re-education following injury
  • Sport-specific training and physical conditioning
  • Weight loss and body toning

We usually work with Functional Training methods in order to improve the efficiency of movements. The reason for this is that, if carried out under the watchful eye of a professional who knows how to precisely modify the intensity of every single exercise, this kind of training can be enormously beneficial. It allows athletes to reduce the risk of injury and to strengthen the body in a harmonious way which is functional for sport movement. It allows clients in general to improve their quality of life by executing complex multi-joint movements on various spatial planes which relate to daily movements. And of course it is safe, fun and stimulating!_DSC2330.jpg

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